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Caregiver Discussion Group

September Caregiver Telephone Discussion Group

TOPIC:  Facing Our Fears: Strategies for Success

Caregivers face endless physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges as they serve loved ones dealing with a lifetime of a chronic, rare disease. The Caregiver Telephone Discussion Group is designed to provide a safe environment where caregivers can feel comfortable, without feelings of guilt for expressing their own challenges, as they reach out to others to fill the gaps in their social, mental, and physical well-being.

Please join us on Monday, September 18th to discuss how we face our fears as caregivers, what strategies have worked and which ones haven’t. All caregivers are welcome to join—whether you have questions or just want to find out more. There will be time near the end of the call for an open discussion of other VHL-related topics. We look forward to another thoughtful discussion!

This facilitated call takes place on the third Monday of every other month at 8 PM ET.


September 18th 8:00 PM Eastern Time

For more information, including the call-in number, please call the VHL office at 671.277.5667 x4 or email info@vhl.org.