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A Child of Our Love

by Anonymous 

Lloyd and I have been married for 8 years. We always hoped to have children one day but were not yet ready for a number of reasons. Two years ago we decided to “get serious” about it. Since Lloyd has VHL, we went to Lloyd’s doctor to discuss our options.

After much discussion, Lloyd, in particular, wanted a child of his own, so we began, in our mid-thirties, to try to get pregnant. Each month we dreamed and planned and used the early pregnancy test kits, only to be disappointed. Finally, tearfully, we decided to check with my gynecologist to see if something might be wrong.

Months later, after a series of tests, we discovered that Lloyd’s sperm count was so low that it would be nearly impossible for us to get pregnant. What we learned – what we wish we had known before going through this very stressful year and a half – is that the epididymal cysts in VHL can sometimes interfere with fertility. In Lloyd’s case, cysts on both sides were obstructing the normal delivery of sperm.

After many discussions, our decision was to try artificial insemination. It was not an easy decision. But we felt it was the right path for us since we both wanted to experience pregnancy and go through the birthing experience together.

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