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My von Hippel-Lindau, My Life, and Me

by Nicola T.

To look at me you’d never know
But the tumors in me just grow and grow

No matter what I do or say
They just won’t go away

At first the feelings just flowed
The time stood still, it got very cold

From a care free teen with my whole life ahead
To a dying teen lying in a bed

That night I lay awake till dawn
And before I knew I had a new plan drawn

I realized something in the dark of night
That I was going to win this fight

The tumors the doc had found
The news that put my parents on the ground

They said that I was going to die
But I wasn’t prepared to say goodbye

So I got myself ready for war
And promised my loved ones I’d walk out that hospital door

And sure enough the road was rough
But I was never willing to give up

I know my war is not over yet
But one thing I’ll never forget

To smile in troubles remember I’m blessed
God gave me this imperfection
Cause he knew I could handle the stress

And in a funny way I’m glad for that day
for the scars and the tears
I’ve gathered through the years

For all these things is what makes me
My von Hippel-Lindau, My Life, and Me.

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