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Healthcare Professionals & Researchers Resources

Below is a list of important resources for Healthcare Professionals and Researchers.

For healthcare professionals seeking advice on clinical issues, please contact the VHL Alliance at wellness@vhl.org or call 617.277.5667 x4. We will be happy to share your questions with other clinicians through our list serve.

• VHL Surveillance Guidelines

VHL Referral Criteria 

• Clinical Trials Currently in Progress 

• VHL Genetic Mutations

• Professional Meetings  
–  2018 International VHL Medical/Research Symposium Slides
–  2016 International VHL Medical/Research Symposium Slides 

• Establish a Clinical Care Center

• VHL Alliance’s Competitive Research Program

• The Importance and Value of the VHL Alliance’s Patient Natural History Study

• Published literature on VHL through PracticeUpdate Full list of VHL Alliance’s resources

• VHL101 Videos

• Quick Start Guide