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Keeping You Up-To-Date

In order to assist you in providing the best care possible to people living with VHL, the VHL Alliance would like to keep you Up-to-Date on the newest VHL research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Clinical Trials Currently in Progress

Can be found on the website or through clinicaltrials.gov
To learn more about My VHL: Patient Natural History Study, email: MyVHL@vhl.org.

VHL Patient Natural History Study

The MyVHL: Patient Natural History Study is a collaboration between VHL patients and VHLA’s Research Council. This study supplements clinician/researcher-driven efforts as it is asking questions that only the patient can answer. The study has already provided valuable previous unknown information. To learn more about the study or to obtain de-identified data, contact the VHL Alliance.

VHL Disease Spotlight on Practice Update

VHL Disease Spotlight

VHL Articles Selected by an Expert Editorial Board at Elsevier PracticeUpdate. A collaboration between PracticeUpdate and VHL Alliance