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Clinical Care Centers Directory

The VHL Alliance with the cooperation of local affiliate organizations has established VHL Clinical Care Centers outside of the US. In some cases, the individual country decides which medical center will be designated to treat VHL. In other countries, the academic medical center submits an application through VHLA in the same manner as a US center. VHL surveillance guidelines and treatments may differ in each country, but each International Clinical Care Center is dedicated to meeting the needs of VHL patients. Become a CCC

PLEASE NOTE: All of the medical facilities listed on this page have VHL CCC teams that have been evaluated and approved by VHL specialists comprising the Clinical Advisory Council. However, not all specialists at these facilities are on the CCC team. As such, you may very well encounter a physician working at an institution with a CCC that does *not* have experience with VHL. (You may also find specialists that have some experience with VHL but are not members of the CCC team that has been evaluated by the Clinical Advisory Council.) The VHL Alliance is *only* endorsing the VHL CCC team and its members. Please make sure to communicate with the CCC’s Point of Contact to verify that you receive care from specialists that have experience caring for VHL patients.


Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
Contact, Adults: Valeria de Miguel, MD, Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nuclear Medicine Unit.
Tel: +541149590200, ext: 4849/8442; Fax: +541149590323 E-mail: valeria.demiguel@hospitalitaliano.org.ar
Contact, Pediatrics: Gabriela Sansó, PhD.
Tel: +5441149635931, ext: 129; Fax: +541149635930
E-mail: gsanso@cedie.org.ar

Hospital Privado Centro Médico de Córdoba. Monica Blascetta, Servicio de Nefrología.
E-mail: monicablascetta@gmail.com


Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney. Hereditary Cancer Clinic.
E-mail: POWHCC@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au


University of Brussels, Brussels.
Contact: Professor Dr. Sven Gläsker
Tel. +02.477.55.14; Fax. +02.477.55.70
Email: Sven.Glaesker@uzbrussel.be
Nephrology and Internal Medicine
Contact: Dr. Peter Janssens
Tel. +02.477.60.55
Email: Peter.Janssens@uzbrussel.be


Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NF.
Contact: Dr. Jane Green, Medical Genetics.
Tel: 1-709.777.6242  Fax: 1-709.777.7317
E-mail: janeg@mun.ca

Toronto General Hospital, Toronto, ON.
Contact, Adults: Laura Legere, RN.
Tel: 1.416.340.3111 x6243
E-mail: laura.legere@uhn.ca
Pediatrics: The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON
Contact: Harriet Druker, MSc., Cancer Genetics Program
Tel: 416-813-8597
E-mail: harriet.druker@sickkids.ca


Peking University First Hospital, Beijing,
Contact: Gong Kan, MD.,
Tel: +86 (10) 83575101; Fax: +86 (10) 66552211
E-mail: gongkan2013@163.com


Necker Hospital and Kremlin-Bicêtre Hospital, Paris.
Contact: Stéphane Richard, MD, Oncogenetics.
Tel/Fax: +33 (1)
E-mail: stephane.richard@kb.u-psud.fr
Website: www.predir.org


Albert-Ludwigs University Medical Center Freiburg.
Contact: Stefan Zschiedrich, MD, Nephrology
Tel: +49.761.27034140; Fax: +49.761.34140
E-mail: med-vhl@uniklinik-freiburg.de


Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Elamakkara Post, Kochi, Kerala.
Contact: Ashok Pillai, MD, Neurosurgery.
Tel: Fax: + 91.484.280.2020
E-mail: brashok@aims.amrita.edu


Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem.
Contact: Simona Glasberg, Endocrinology.
Tel: +972 (0)2.677.8899
E-mail: simonag@hadassah.org.il


Kochi Medical School Hospital, Nankoku Kochi.
Contact: Mari Tashiro, Genetic Counselor
Department of Clinical Genetics
Tel: 088.866.5811
E-mail: jm-m.tashiro@kochi-u.ac.jp

The Netherlands

University Hospital Utrecht.
Rachel Giles, PhD, Internal Medicine.
E-mail: r.giles at umcutrecht.nl


Pomeranian Academy of Medicine, Szczecin.
Contact: Karol Krzystolik, MD, Genetics.
Tel: ; Fax: +48 (91) 4828.450; E-mail: poland@vhl.org


National Cancer Centre Singapore.
Contact: Min-Han Tan, MD, PhD, Medical Oncology.
Tel: +65.6436.8000
Email: tan.min.han@nccs.com.sg, minhan.tan@gmail.com

United Kingdom

Care for VHL and other genetic conditions in the UK is organized under the local genetics centres. People should begin by contacting their local centre, which will network with the major centres as necessary.

University of Birmingham
Contact: Sue Carless
Tel: +044.0121.627.2710
Email: Sue.Carless@bwhct.nhs.uk

University of Cambridge
Contact: Prof. Eamonn Maher, Dept. of Medical Genetics.
Tel: +44.01223.217.054
Email: erm1000@medschl.cam.ac.uk

St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London
Contact: Ms. L. McAndrew, Neuroendocrine Clinical Nurse Specialist.
Tel: +44 (0) 203.465.7264
Email: Lorraine.mcandrew@bartshealth.nhs.uk

Churchill Hospital, Oxford
Regional Genetics Service
Tel: +0114.271.7025